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        ALPHA PE

        Alpha is the newest range of IBEX holds. The name of this range was inspired by the first letter of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, A). Simple is the hardest thing to get right. It requires the highest level of designing accuracy. ALPHA is our baseline even though it was only just designed.  All our understanding of the fine relationship between the climbing hold and the hand of the climber is there. As the name implies, Alpha is the starting range of holds for your wall. Designed to be simple, comfortable, and elegant, this line covers the basic climbing needs regarding grips and movement.  All the basic types of holds are included (jugs, pinches, slopers, edges, crimps, pockets, footholds) in all sizes (from extra small to Giga holds). Available in the best quality materials, PE (Polyester) and PU (Polyurethane Dannomond) can fit perfectly in every type of wall. Suitable for commercial climbing gyms (bouldering and Lead, indoor and outdoor), home walls, home training boards, schools. Currently, the total Alpha range includes 40 sets and 247 holds.22 sets and 129 holds are PE (Polyester). 18 sets and 118 holds are PU (Polyurethane Dannomond). More Alpha sets are currently designing and molding and will be released in 2020 and 2021.Variety of hold types.Variety of sizes.Available in best quality materials PE and PU (Dannomond).Simple and elegant.Extremely comfortable.Soft texture.Boulder and Lead climbing.Indoor and outdoor walls.Designed by Dario Stefanou
        Alpha Footholds XS / EAL2172 Alpha Footholds XS / EAL2172
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        Alpha Jugs S / EAL5034 Alpha Jugs S / EAL5034
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