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        The IFSC Official Sport Equipment is an initiative which aims to make the playing field fairer across international IFSC events (World Cups, World Championships, and Youth World Championships). Each IFSC event will use only authorised IFSC Official Sport Equipment within the Field of Play to ensure that all stakeholders share the same experience, from Athletes and National Federations to Routesetters and Event Organisers.

        Furthermore, in compliance with the Olympic Charter Rule 50, the IFSC Official Sport Equipment aims to set out a high standard of quality and clean venue as an Olympic Sport.

        The highest priority has been placed on the Holds, Macros, and Volumes category of the Official Sport Equipment due to their importance on Sport Climbing’s fairness and quality. A wide range of Holds, Macros, and Volumes is necessary for fair and versatile Routesettings in the Field of Play, with a minimum 3-4 providers ideally featuring in each IFSC event.

        Every year a catalogue is being published by the IFSC with the names of the brands which may curry the IFSC STAMP.