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        All of our bolt-on holds are using a STAINLESS STEEL DUAL WASHER. No rust , eliminated corrosion effects. Good for indoor and outdoor use. Dual washer so that you can use both countersunk and cap head bolts.


        All IBEX bolt-ons holds have a metal coil wrapped around the hole in the hold. If the hold breaks, the pieces stay together hanging on the metal coil. In fact, the broken hold cannot fall down unless the hold is unscrewed.


        We use the best materials that our factory has to offer.After years of research in the lab and now in the field – we present to you the NEW Generation of Climbing holds material:DANNOMOND. As you can see from the chart below, Dannomond has the highest Flexural Strength and has performed amazingly well on all impact strength tests.

        • Very hard wearing
        • High abrasion resistance
        • Tough surface
        • Gentle on the skin – Longer training sessions
        • Less rubber markings
        • Vibrant colours
        • Less packaging material required


        Light stability. Apart from Fluorescent colors - all the pigments we use have a high light stability. The resins that contain the colors are not always stable. Polyesters resin has a good light stability, but most PU's not so much.Fluorescent colors will change colors in direct sunlight, but are reasonably stable in indoor conditions.