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        This range consists of 8 sets with 138 holds all together. The main goal was to create a rock-like aesthetic range mainly for amateur climbers. It is good for lead climbing -each set contains enough holds for a lead route. Also good for up to 40% degree wall. There are also three a bit more challenging sets, "Matala Inputs", small holds that will challenge climbers if set on an overhung wall, the same applies for the sets: "Matala Slopers" & "Matala Totem" .A little bit about the history of the name. Matala is an area located in Crete, a southern Greek island. It is well known for its stunning rockface. Many artificial caves were created in the Neolithic age and later, a lot later,n the 1960s, the caves were occupied by hippies. On the little fishing village called "Matala" (now a very touristic destination), one can see a Totem-like wooden sculpture carved on a 600-year-old olive tree. Sorry to say that the rockface is not offered for climbing, lots of loose rock, and archaeologists will make sure of that!
        Matala Jugs XL / EMA2121 Matala Jugs XL / EMA2121
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