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        If you are in this page, you must have already understand the importance of volumes in climbing walls. If not, let us explain:

        Volumes are an essential part of every climbing wall. In modern climbing and routesetting volumes of every type are used more often than ever. From boulder walls to high lead walls volumes are the most powerful tool to routesetters. From competition to recreational routes, volumes will spice up the climber's experience !

        The following IBEX plywood volumes are carefully designed to upgrade the climbing experience in your wall.

        ALL volumes can be used individually but can also be mixed and matched to create various geometric forms. Imagination is the only limit !

        • Standard texture offers perfect friction in every surface of the volume, as all surface of your climbing wall.
        • All volumes are offered in standard colors (see the list below), but a custom paint option is also available upon request (extra cost).
        • Screw-on and Bolt-on installment option.

        The great advantage of the bolt-on volumes is that they are installed to the wall, without screwing the volume directly to the wall and damaging it. The connection between the Volume and the wall is in fact by usual M 10 bolts, screwed in the existing t-nuts of the wall. The outside part of the volume is after that connected to the already installed base using screws (50mm).


        Texture Grain

        We have discovered that the best texture grain that fits all needs has the size of the grain of 0.25mm. Using a specially developed technology for application of the texture, we make sure it provides exactly the perfect amount of friction.

        Rubber proof texture

        Keeping your climbing wall clean and preserving the colors for as long as possible is an important, yet often overlooked feature.

        To protect the look of the colors, we have developed a special dirt-proof coating that allows easy cleaning of the surface and prevents the climbing shoes’ rubber from sticking to the wall.


        Colors are very important in giving your gym a unique character and making it stand out. So the color choice of your volumes is also very important. You have the chance  put some extra color in your wall's appearance by using different colored volumes. Or do you prefer to keep your wall's color palette unchanged by ordering volumes of the same color as your wall? The choice is yours...

        Standard Solid Colors

        We use a standard palette of 6 colors that provides numerous options for different color schemes to suit anyone's ideas and wishes. Make a careful decision about your gym's color scheme as it affects the overall atmosphere of the interior. More colors available up on request (extra cost).



        • The design of a climbing wall can look totally different just by adding volumes of different shapes.
        • The appearance of your gym can look even better with colorful volumes.
        • Every time you change the volumes position you can have a new and fresh wall.


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